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Keeping a journal can help you become a better student and a better human being. The simple act of writing can be very beneficial for your brain and your health. Here are some of the reasons why all students should get into journaling.

5 Benefits of Keeping a Journal

There’s more to maintaining a journal than writing down events that happen in your life. Keeping a journal gives you an outlet for your emotions, increases your creativity, and makes you a happier person. Here are some of the values found in the act of journaling.

Get Smarter

Journaling invites you to explore language in a way school assignments don’t. Since keeping a journal isn’t an obligation, you’ll be more inspired to look for new words and increase your vocabulary. A larger, correctly used vocabulary makes you smarter.

Reaching Goals

People often include their dreams and aspirations in their journal. A journal can help you create a blueprint or outline for your life plans. Writing down your goals makes your brain process the information as “very important.” Soon, you’ll start describing ways to reach those goals and increase the likelihood of achieving them.


Keeping a journal requires discipline. One cannot expect to see any changes if they are not constant in their activities. As you make journaling part of your daily routine, your discipline improves. That self-discipline will soon spread to other areas of your life.


Writing down your troubles, emotions, and traumas helps you heal. Translating stressful experiences into writing makes them easier to bear. You free your mind from the tangled traumas and feel lighter. Releasing your emotions into a journal will also lower your anxiety, stress, and even help you get a better sleep.

Journaling Will Make You a Better Writer, As Will Tutoring in Charlotte

The more you write, the better you get at it. Keeping a journal will help you become a better writer because you’ll be doing something you enjoy on your terms. No one will judge you or correct your writing style. If you're interested in working on your writing skills at a more academic level, sign up for tutoring in Charlotte. Tutoring will help you find your writing voice and style and even improve your note taking skills. Call The Tutoring Center, Charlotte NC at (704) 321-0333 to learn about their writing program.


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