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Summer learning loss happens when students neglect their academics over the break. As a result, they forget what they learned the previous school year and have a more challenging time learning new things come the next academic year. To make sure you don't lose everything you worked hard to learn at school, the following post will share tips to avoid summer learning loss.

How to Help Your Child Avoid Summer Learning Loss

  1. Firstly, you should crack open your notebooks once in a while and study your notes. Simply reading through them will keep the lessons you learned during the previous school year fresh in your mind.
  2. If you want to practice your academic skills in a fun and inadvertent way, you should try reading and writing often during your break. As you do, you will practice your grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and other skills.
  3. Another way to practice would be to go online and search for practice sheets that go over specific lessons and skills. For example, you can search for. math worksheets for your grade and skill level.
  4. Lastly, become a better learner during your summer break with tutoring classes. One-to-one tutoring will guarantee that you'll be completely ready to face the challenges of the new school year and master all of your academic skills.

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