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The inability to concentrate and focus at school can affect your children’s grades. It’s not their fault that they find it hard to concentrate with so many stimulants and distractions present in their everyday life. You can help them increase their attention span and ability to focus with these easy pointers.

Take It One Task at a Time

Children tend to feel overwhelmed when faced with multiple tasks. Eventually they will shut down and accomplish nothing. Many times, children can’t manage their executive functions, which involve the brain’s ability to organize information, memorize facts, control emotions, and complete tasks. You should give your children a list of things to do and cross them out as they get completed. Only after they’ve successfully finished one task can they move onto the next.

Create a Rewards System

Knowing that they have a reward to look forward to can motivate your children to focus on their task.  People in general are more motivated to complete a project when they know they’ll receive a reward in return. Your children can help you decide on the rewards. It’s a good idea to change it often so they don’t become bored and lose interest over time.

Play Mind Games

Games can be a great way to promote focus and concentration. Have your children play games that have a clear objective and rules. Activities such as puzzles or boardgames are a great idea.

Reduce Distractions

Perhaps the most obvious thing you should be doing to help your children’s attention span grow is limit their distractions. The constant visual stimulation provided by tablets, smartphones, and televisions can actually affect your children’s attention span. Whenever they have to work on homework or chores, keep them away from unnecessary technology.

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