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It's still the beginning of the school year and exams are coming soon...if they're not here already. Are you ready for them? Many of us are not efficient when it comes to studying, we get easily distracted or we're simply not prepared. There are some things that can make your study time more productive. The Tutoring Center, Charlotte NC has some great tips for your study sessions, which you can read in this post.

Keeping  a Schedule

Try to think of a time when your brain is more alert and plan your study sessions during that time. Keep a daily studying schedule. After awhile studying at that same time will come naturally and it will be easier to for you to concentrate on the task.

Set Up a Study Area

Believe it or not, where you study truly makes a difference. Trying to work in a place filled with distractions like a TV, computer, or other people will make it impossible to concentrate. Instead, find a quiet place like a library, a secluded coffee house, the empty dining room table, or somewhere that keeps you away from distractions.

Get Your Materials Ready

Before you get down to studying, get all your things ready. Bring your textbooks, notebooks, pens, highlighters, flashcards and any other basic materials you will need. You might consider having your computer close by to take notes, but let's face it, going online is so very tempting... and distracting. If you do need to use your computer, install an app like Cold Turkey which can completely block your internet access or limit it to a few chosen sites.

Studying Begins in the Classroom

You can't just expect to open your textbook and have all the answers if you weren't paying attention during class. Studying begins in the classroom. While you are in class, you should take notes and ask questions, that's what your teacher is for. If you don't understand a concept, stay after class and ask for help. If you're still unsure look for tutoring in Concord. The Tutoring Center, Charlotte NC has many tutoring programs that can surely help you reach your academic goals. If you are feeling a little behind in class or if you just want to further explore a subject, tutoring in Concord is what you need. Call The Tutoring Center, Charlotte NC at (704) 321-0333 and get ready to step up your learning game.

Learn to Take Notes

We mentioned  before the importance of paying attention in class. Perhaps we didn't stress the importance of takings notes enough. If you didn't take notes you'd have to basically reread all of the material you saw in class in just one sitting. On the other hand, if you have notes you'd only have to go back and review the ideas that are already written in your notebook. Taking notes is an absolute time saver, not to mention that you might see little tips in class that you won't find in your textbook.

Have the Right Mindset

It is really important to approach something in a positive way. Your mindset affects the outcome of whatever it is you are doing. If you are frustrated, distracted, or worried about something else, your study session won't bring any positive results. You should postpone it until you are ready to focus. When you start studying you should:
  • Think positively about your skills and abilities.
  • Never compare yourself with others.
  • Avoid absolute thinking.
  • Stop catastrophic thinking before it even begins.

Stay Hydrated and Have a Snack

Remember to keep your brain hydrated by having a bottle of water close by. If you need caffeine to survive, alternate between water and coffee. Try to avoid energy drinks, they will keep you alert but you won't find it easy to concentrate. To keep your energy levels high you should always have some healthy snacks. Greasy, fast food will make you feel tired and sleepy. Instead have some nuts, fruits, or granola bars.

Take a Break

If the words on the page start to blur together, it's time for a break. You've officially passed the point of productivity and need to rest.  Get up and do some stretches or go out for a short walk to wake yourself up. Go outside to get some fresh air and then get back to business.

Tutoring in Concord is Your Best Ally

There are times when you could really benefit from tutoring in Concord, that's when The Tutoring Center, Charlotte NC comes in. They have many tutoring programs that can help you reach the academic level you want to be at. You can schedule a free diagnostic assessment or you can call them at (704) 321-0333 to find out more about their programs.


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