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There’s absolutely no reason why your children should stop learning over the summer. Every trip and activity can be both entertaining and educational.

Fun Learning Is Possible on Vacation Too

Are you going out on a trip with your family this summer and are worried that your children might not be learning anything new? Stop worrying, with some planning every trip can be fun and educational. Keep your child’s mind active during their summer vacation with these fun, educational tips.
  1. Build anticipation: Why not involve your children in the planning? Show them a picture of the place you’ll be visiting and then talk to them about the things they will be able to see and eat. Invite them to do some research about other activities you can try when you’re there. You can also look for movies that take place in that city or town to get some more information about the culture and traditions. For instance, if you’re visiting Hawaii, watch Lilo and Stitch. Get your children excited and interested in their vacation.
  2. Give them some homework: Homework might be the last word children want to hear when they’re out on vacation, but you can give them simple and fun tasks. Try creating a scavenger hunt for them or a list of activities they must complete during their travels. If you’re going to Chicago, have them find the most Chicagoan souvenir, mail a postcard to their friends, visit The Bean, eat deep dish pizza, and have a conversation with a local. They will be trying new things, learning about the city, and collecting new stories to tell their friends when they get back home.
  3. Talk to an expert: Sign up for a guided tour wherever you’re going. An expert might inspire your children to learn more about the place and its culture. It might be pricier to hire someone to guide you around, but it will be worth it.

More Summer Learning With Tutoring in Charlotte

You can find new learning opportunities everywhere you go, but if you’re staying at home and want to keep your child’s mind active, tutoring in Charlotte is what you need. Call The Tutoring Center, Charlotte NC at (704) 321-0333 to learn about their various summer tutoring programs.


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