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Being able to take good notes doesn’t guarantee a perfect grade, but it sure does help. Being a successful note-taker can make studying for a test or writing a paper so much easier. The Tutoring Center, Charlotte NC has some great tips to help you improve your note-taking abilities. Combine those skills to tutoring in Charlotte and exams will go by like a breeze.

Ask the Teacher

If you got a little bit lost during the lesson because the teacher was going too fast, don’t hesitate to ask them to repeat themselves. Your classmates are probably feeling the same as you. You can also stay after class to talk to your teacher about what you didn’t understand.

Write Down Key Words and Facts

It takes a while to be able to easily identify keywords and main ideas, but you’ll get it. Trust that if your teacher writes something on the board or emphasizes something while they’re talking, it’s probably important and you should write it down.

Don’t Go Crazy

Not everything the teacher says is imperative for your notes. Don’t end up writing so much that you end up ignoring your teacher’s explanation. Remember to only write some key points. You can check them later and ask questions.

Compare Notes

If possible, check out your friends’ notes. Perhaps they got something that you didn’t. You can help each other out. You should also compare your notes to your textbook to see if you understood correctly.

Stay Organized

Have a separate section or a whole notebook for each subject. You should also write down the date since it’ll make it easier to find what you are looking for.

For Tutoring in Charlotte NC

Now that you’ve got your note-taking skills down, help yourself even more by enrolling in tutoring in Charlotte. The Tutoring Center, Charlotte NC has some tutoring programs that might interest you. Call them at (704) 321-0333 to learn more or schedule a free diagnostic assessment online.


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