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Who wants their children stuck in front of the television or computer when they should be enjoying their winter break? There are many fun activities you can do to keep your children active and entertained away from the television. As a bonus, they can be educational, too. Join The Tutoring Center, Charlotte NC in exploring some of these fun winter break activities.

Learn a Little History

There are many interesting stories behind the winter holiday traditions. For instance, what do the ornaments we use on our tree stand for? Why does Santa wear red? What do other cultures do for their holidays?  Spend some time learning about the holidays at home and traditions all around the world.

Do Some Writing

Let your children practice their writing skills. Have them write and decorate their letters to Santa or write greeting cards for family members and friends. They can also write thank you notes for the presents the receive.

Explore Your Heritage

Many families travel for the holidays to meet their extended family. Take this travelling as an opportunity to encourage your children to learn about where their family comes from. They can talk to different relatives to know how life was when they were growing up. They could even write a family book or a family tree with their discoveries.

Learn a Winter Skill

Learning new skills is always useful. Your child can learn to knit a scarf and maybe use it as a gift. They could also learn to bake winter inspired desserts. Any new skill is good.

Tutoring in Ballantyne for the New Year

If you're interested in giving your children's grades an extra boost this coming new year, you should enroll them in a tutoring class. The Tutoring Center, Charlotte NC  is a great choice! They have a great variety of tutoring programs that your children can try in Ballantyne. For more information you can call them at (704) 321-0333.


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