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We all learn in different ways. Find out about the four learning styles so you can identify which style belongs to your child. This way you’ll be able to help your child gain knowledge more easily and faster.  If you're looking to boost your child's grades and learning abilities, you should determine their learning style. Some people find it easier to follow written instructions, some people like using logic, and some others would rather work creatively. This is because they all learn differently. Here are the four learning styles.

Auditory Learner

Auditory learners have a better grasp of verbal information. They find it easier to memorize songs, movie lines, speeches, and the exact words that the teacher uses. The downside is that excessive noise can easily distract them and silent rooms do nothing to help them learn.

Visual Learner

Most learners are visual learners. They find it easy to understand information when it's presented through pictures, diagrams, drawings, or written instructions. Their notebooks are usually filled with doodles and sketches.

Logical Learner

Logical learners enjoy working with numbers and finding patterns. They tend to ask a lot of questions, finding it necessary to learn why and how things happen. Logical learners have trouble with activities that involve creativity and steer away from logic.

Kinesthetic Learner

Kinesthetic learners need to be involved in hands- on activities. To keep a kinesthetic learner interested, you need to use games, experiments, role-playing, and presentations. Make them feel part of the lesson.

Tutoring in Charlotte NC Can Help Any Learning Style

One of the benefits of tutoring in Charlotte is that it can be adapted to suit your child's needs. Tutoring can help your child catch up in school or even get ahead. You can call The Tutoring Center, Charlotte NC at (704) 321-0333 to learn all about their tutoring options and methods.


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