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Everybody wants to do a good job at their spring cleaning but, with so may dirty spaces, many areas are forgotten, leaving mess and contaminants to build up and cause harm to the air in your home. When it comes to spring cleaning, there are those of us who absolutely love the task and want nothing more than to clean every aspect of their home, and then there is the rest of us.

Easy Tips to Get the Most out of Your Spring Clean

If you identify with the latter category, below are some easy to follow tips from Charlotte Cleanpro which can help you achieve a great spring cleaning result!

Let’s Start at the Top

It can be easy to think that standing on your toes and wiping the top of your cupboards for dust is effective. However, the truth is that unless you actually safely reached all the way up so that you could see what you were cleaning, the area isn’t clean. Period. For this reason, it’s important that you take the time to reach the following areas to make sure they have been cleaned completely, such as: Take a step ladder and safely step-up so that you can see the top of the stand-alone closet you just cleaned. Once you are up there you will see just how much of a layer of dust remains after your brief ‘sweep’. It’s likely that you will have taken the time to clean your trophy cases and glass to make sure your guests and visitors can see your achievements. After this, be sure to reach up and give the top a solid clean. This can help to keep your glass looking cleaner for longer as dust won’t fall onto it, along with improving the air quality in your home. The refrigerator is a great item to clan during your spring clean. However, you can’t simply finish the job by removing your food items, cleaning the refrigerator, and then putting everything back in. Similar to the above, be sure to reach the top and remove any and all dust. Given that this is in your kitchen it’s particularly important that you stay on top of this task.

Stay up There

Now that you have your step-ladder or another means to safely reach up high to clean, it’s time to tackle the items which are generally out of reach. These include: Any ceiling fans which you have. As these likely won’t have been used for a while they are an ideal candidate for dust and grime buildup. Be sure to reach up high and not only dust the bottom of your fan blades but also the top and the motor-mechanism itself. Removing dust from these areas helps to top your fab blades from circulating bad-quality air throughout your home. While it may seem like a strange place to clean, be sure to turn off your lights and give the bulbs and the attachments/decorations a wipe down with a clean cloth. Not only will this help to brighten up your rooms but it will also make your ceiling look much cleaner and the room more inviting. Of course, no spring clean would be complete with a professional Carpet cleaning appointment. Speak with an expert at Charlotte Cleanpro at (980) 349-6335 to book a convenient appointment for your dirty carpets to be safely and thoroughly returned to their former glory.

Your Mattress

If you value your sleep then there is a good chance that you spent a solid amount of money on a mattress to help. However, as expensive as your mattress was, it can’t self-clean. For this reason is’ important that you include your mattress in your spring clean. This involves removing any and all bedding and giving your mattress a thorough vacuum. When completing this task, be sure to use the small-nose attachment to help you clean in the cushioned creases and along the stitching lines.


Whether you have table lamps, low-lamps, or even chandelier lamps with decorations taller than you can reach - be sure to include them in your spring clean. Why? Because apart from a quick wipe over during your regular cleaning, these items are never cleaned. All it takes it a tour of your home with a damp cloth to find and wipe away any dust and grime which may have built up. When cleaning these lamps, be sure to turn them off and give them a thorough clean, including any bulbs and attachments to rid them of dust.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Harrisburg, NC

No spring cleaning checklist is complete without a thorough professional carpet clean to get hard-tp-reach dirt and grime for your carpets and rejuvinate their look. Speak with Charlotte Cleanpro today at (980) 349-6335 to find out more or to book a convenient carpet cleaning appointment.


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