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Routines are of utter importance for children. Whether it’s to get ready in the morning, what they do after school, or getting ready for bed, they should have a routine. Here are some tips to create a successful bedtime routine to help your children be better learners. A good night’s sleep can influence your child’s day in many ways. It can impact anything from their physical and mental development, their performance in school, and even their mood. Resting properly will give them the energy to go through their daily life, strengthen their immune system, and boost their creative thinking. A bedtime routine will help your children have better quality sleep. Here are some tips to create a successful bedtime routine.

Specific Bed Time

You must set a specific bed time and stick to it. Your child's internal clock will naturally adjust to the same hour. You’ll be able to tell if the specific bed time is helping by noticing how easily they fall asleep within the first 15 to 30 minutes.

Tell Them It’s Time to Relax

Your children need to mentally prepare to go to bed. An hour before bedtime, let them know they must start to relax and wind down. There shouldn’t be any vigorous activities or playing at least half an hour before heading to bed.

Light Snack

If your children are hungry before bedtime, a light snack consisting of protein and carbohydrates might help out. Make sure they don’t eat a very heavy meal though. Don’t forget that they should brush their teeth before heading to bed.

Warm Bath

A warm bath can help your child’s temperature rise and make them feel sleepier. Use a lavender soap or shampoo to help them get even more relaxed.

Bedtime Story

Now is a great time to read with your children and enjoy some of the benefits of fairy tales. You can read them a short bedtime story to soothe them and lull them to sleep.

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