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Worried about your child falling victim to the summer slide? Help them set summer goals to keep their mind active and their learning game strong.

Keep Your Child’s Mind Active This Summer

Summertime is the time to relax and forget about school for many students. That doesn’t mean that everything they learned during the school year should be forgotten because their brain gets lazy. Invite your child to keep their mind active by setting up some summer goals. Start with these.

5 Summer Goals for Your Young Ones

Join a book club: There’s so much free time during the summer that surely your child can read a book or two. Encourage them to join a summer book club and benefit from all the perks that books bring. Do some exercise: Believe it or not, exercise can make your child smarter. Sign your youngster up for a physical activity such as swimming, baseball, or dancing. Anything that keeps them moving is great for oxygenating the brain and burning off some energy. Try something new: The brain grows stronger when it faces new challenges. Help your child learn something new this summer. Maybe they can try learning a new language,  playing an instrument, or maybe even give cooking a try. Study: Alright, your child might not want to spend their summer reviewing their school subjects, but if your child is up for it and wants to prepare for the new school year, it’s not a bad idea to sign them up for tutoring classes. Start writing: It’s always a good time for your child to develop writing skills. Encourage them to start journaling or to write some fiction. They can write about their summer, their thoughts and feelings, and document their ideas. Visit new places: Going somewhere new should be a family goal. Visit new sites in town or out of town so your child can learn something new and you can all create new memories.

Enroll Your Child in Summer Tutoring in Ballantyne

Keep your child’s mind active and their learning game strong with tutoring classes this summer. Call The Tutoring Center, Charlotte NC at (704) 321-0333 to learn all about their summer tutoring programs.


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