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It’s very important for your children to have structure in their life. A routine helps them know what to expect from each day and mentally prepare for what’s to come. Part of their routine should include a specific time to complete their homework. Here are some great everyday homework tips.

Goodbye Technology

Don’t have any type of technology around when your children are doing homework. Turn off the music and the TV and keep the phone away. Those distractions are habits that will be really hard to break as they get older.

Design a Workspace

Let them have their own space exclusively for homework time. They should have plenty of school supplies at hand, good illumination, and no distractions.

Set a Time Limit

Generally, it’s harder for boys to focus. Help them establish goals and give them a time limit to complete them. Place a clock or an alarm nearby so they know how much time they have left to complete their assignments.

Help Them

If they’re struggling, you should help them out, but only to guide them. Homework is their responsibility and if you do it for them you’re stopping them from becoming independent learners. Homework is meant to be extra practice.

Tutoring in Ballantyne for Great Homework

The Tutoring Center, Charlotte NC has some great tutoring programs to help your children be better in school. With tutoring in Ballantyne they can also get tips to improve their homework and studying skills. Give them a call at (704) 321-0333 to learn about their programs.


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