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Mental math is the ability to solve mathematical problems in a matter of seconds without the use of a calculator or a pen and pencil. Here are some tips to boost your child’s mental math abilities.

Mental Math for Mathematical Fluency

Being able to solve math problems using nothing but their brain can be tremendously advantageous for your child’s academic performance. By increasing their math fluency with the help of mental math, they can advance to more challenging math levels. Plus, doing mental math also helps improve their concentration, reasoning abilities, and self-confidence. Here are some ways you can help boost your child’s abilities.

Computer Games

 Technology can be a great learning tool. There are plenty of online games that require you to solve a math problem within a given time. Your child won’t have the time to get out a calculator or pen and paper. As the game’s speed increases, your child’s math ability improves.

Memorize Simple Math

Sometimes it’s necessary to memorize some things for the sake of learning. In math’s case, have your child memorize the multiplication tables. It will be easier for your child to solve more complicated math problems if they memorize these. They can also try to memorize simple division and square roots.

Break Down Problems

Teach your child to find shortcuts to make solving an equation easier. For instance, when they have to solve 5x7, they can turn the 5 into a 10 and divide the answer by 2. It’s easier for students to multiply by 10 and divide by 2, which is a much smaller number. 7x10= 70 and = 3

Practice More Mental Math Skills With Tutoring in Charlotte

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